Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A regular meeting of the Township of Nipissing Council was held on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

Present: Mayor Pat Haufe and Councillors Thomas Butler, Dougal Culham, Tom Piper and Liz Smith.

Staff and visitors present: Ron Harrison, David Harrison, Rob Noonan, Donna Yetman, Kristen Mah, Penelope Wallace, Mickey Wallace, Sandy O’Grady, Kevin O’Grady, Graham Kirkpatrick, Sylvia Kirkpatrick, Judith Brodie, Alan Brodie, Diane Dewolf, Marcel Tourangeau, Dave Yemm, Charles Barton and Kris Croskery-Hodgins.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Disclosure of pecuniary interest: None.

Staff Reports:
Dave Yemm, Operations Superintendent – written and verbal report.

Presentation by The Harrison Family regarding proposed severences.

Staff Reports Continued:
Charles Barton, CAO-Clerk – verbal report.
Kris Croskery-Hodgins, Treasurer-Deputy Clerk – verbal report.

Committee Reports:
Tom Piper – Museum Board
Liz Smith – Museum Board
Pat Haufe – Lake Nipissing Summit

By-Law Number 2011-26 to amend By-law Number 1110 – Site Plan Control is being deferred pending further investigation of the subject matter.

R2011-184 T. Piper, L. Smith: That Council directs that a review or study be undertaken in respect to land use planning policies regarding beachfront development within Plan M120. Carried.

Draft Telecommunications Site Agreement at Fire Station #2, Hwy 534 was discussed.

R2011-185 D. Culham, T. Butler: That the minutes of the meeting held June 21, 2011 be adopted as published. Carried.

R2011-186 L. Smith, T. Piper: That the minutes of the closed session meeting held June 28, 2011 be adopted. Carried.

Minutes – July 12, 2011 – Page 2

R2011-187 T. Butler, D. Culham: That the minutes of the closed session meeting held July 5, 2011 be adopted. Carried.

R2011-188 T. Butler, D. Culham: That we accept the correspondence as presented. Carried.

R2011-189 T. Piper, L. Smith: That the statement of accounts dated July 12, 2011 be approved. $243,831.02. Carried.

Other Business:

R2011-190 D. Culham, T. Butler: That we accept the written resignation of Andrew Duggan from the Nipissing Fire Department. Carried.

R2011-191 L. Smith, T. Piper:
WHEREAS the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission has been the critical north south link in Northeastern Ontario for over 100 years; and

WHEREAS the Ontario Northland has been both a principal economic engine for Northern Ontario and the only land access for remote Northern communities; and

WHEREAS the Ontario Northland is attempting to strategically diversify its business in a prudent manner in order to ensure its future viability while offering much needed services to Northeastern Ontario; and

WHEREAS the Ontario Northland supports many northern communities with both services and stable employment opportunities; and

WHEREAS the Ontario Northland is currently completing a very successful refurbishment program on GO TRANSIT coaches and has been publicly acknowledged for the quality of workmanship and adherence to budget; and

WHEREAS both the Ontario Northland and Metrolinx are agencies of the Province of Ontario; and

WHEREAS Metrolinx has recently announced the award of a contract for additional coach refurbishment to a firm outside Ontario based solely on a low tender price with no consideration to the NET FINANCIAL BENEFIT to the Province of Ontario nor consideration to the economic impact to the affected communities in Northern Ontario; and

WHEREAS it appears this decision will result in a net negative impact of in excess of 6 million dollars to the Province of Ontario and yet to be quantified significant negative impact to those communities served by the Ontario Northland; and

WHEREAS the Province of Ontairo has recently released a Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, which has been in the development stages for several years; and

July 12, 2011 – Minutes – Page 3

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Township of Nipissing requests that the Metrolinx award to an out-of-Province firm be immediately suspended pending a review
of the option that would provide the best NET VALUE to North Bay, the Region, all of Northern Ontario and ultimately the taxpayers of Ontario;

AND FURTHER THAT Ontario Northland be identified and supported by the Province in its Northern Growth Plan as a key component in the transportation network required to grow and sustain the economy in Northern Ontario.

R2011-192 D. Culham, T. Butler: That we appoint an Ad-Hoc Landfill Committee with the following members:
Pat Haufe, Tom Butler, Tom Piper, Dougal Culham, Liz Smith, Dave Yemm, Andre Boileau, Garnet Hughes, Doug Walli and Kris Croskery-Hodgins. Carried.

R2011-193 L. Smith, T. Piper: That we accept the quote from Bruell Contracting Limited for extended surface treatment work on Sandy Bay Road, Jones Road, Westview Drive and Marion Drive at a cost of $21,449.75 plus taxes. Carried.

R2011-194 T. Butler, D. Culham:
WHEREAS Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd. (Spectrum Group) wishes to erect a 300-foot (91 metre) guyed telecommunications tower on a site located near 4304 Alsace Road being Lott 177, Concession A, in the Township of Nipissing (formerly Gurd), District of Parry Sound for the delivery of wireless Internet and broadband data services to the areas surrounding the community of Commanda;

AND WHEREAS Spectrum Group is required by Industry Canada to consult with the local land-use authority and to obtain a statement of concurrence from the Municipality;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Nipissing hereby gives approval to the CAO-Clerk to issue a statement of concurrence to Spectrum Group for the proposed telecommunications tower on Lot 177, Concession A for the delivery of broadband wireless and other services to the area.

A letter received from Lloyd and Janet Sparks, requesting the creation of a noise by-law, was presented to Council for discussion. A letter will be sent to Mr. & Mrs. Sparks indicating that Council is not prepared to entertain their request at this time.

R2011-195 T. Butler, D. Culham: THAT the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Nipissing support the northern and southern rotation of representation on the Northeastern Sector of the District Board of Health, as agreed at the meeting of Municipal representatives held on June 16, 2011; and
THAT we acknowledge the appointment of Bill Russell as the northeast sector representative on the Board of Health for the remainder of this term; and
THAT a copy of this Resolution be sent to all affected municipalities and the Chair of the Board of Health.

July 12, 2011 – Minutes – Page 4

R2011-196 T. Piper, L. Smith: That we pass By-Law No. 2011-31, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held on July 12, 2011. Read the first, second and third time and passed this 12th day of July, 2011. Carried.

R2011- 197 D. Culham, T. Butler: That the meeting be adjourned. Time: 9:00 p.m. Next regular meeting August 16, 2011. Carried.



Minutes prepared as per Section 228 (1) (a) of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c. 25. Clerk to record, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the council.

Minutes to be approved by Council at the next regular Council Meeting.