BY-LAW NUMBER 2008-1238

Being a By-Law to establish a Fire Committee.

WHEREAS the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Nipissing wishes to establish a Fire Committee.

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Nipissing enacts as follows:

1) A Fire Committee shall be established to consist of a seven (7) person board, appointed by the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Nipissing. The members will be the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, two (2) Firefighters, members-at-large (taxpayer), and two (2) Councillors for the term of office.

2) Council shall appoint members in December. The members will take office effective January 1st next following. Any vacancy occurring in the Fire Committee shall be filled within 30 days.

3) The Fire Committee shall appoint a chairperson, from among its members at the first meeting of the Committee. A vice-chairperson shall also be appointed at the same meeting. The Chairperson and vice-chairperson shall not be a member of Council. Also a recording secretary shall be appointed.

4) Personnel matters shall be in private session with the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief and two (2) Councillors.

5) The recording secretary or designate shall give or cause to be given all notices to members of the Fire Committee and shall attend all meetings of the Fire Committee and enter or cause to be entered in books kept for that purpose minutes of all proceedings at such meetings.

6) The Fire Committee shall hold at least six (6) regularly scheduled meetings annually, with a minimum of one (1) meeting every second month and at such other times at the call of the chairperson or on a petition of the majority of the members of the Fire Committee. The Fire Committee shall ensure the attendance of the Fire Chief of the department and/or his/her representative to deliver his/her report and respond to questions at each regular Fire Committee meeting or at the request of the chairperson for a special meeting.

7) The Fire Committee shall ensure that all meetings are convened and continued only when there is a quorum. One (1) Councillor and three (3) members.

8) All Fire Committee meetings shall have business conducted by written motion, duly moved, seconded and carried by a majority vote. Motions shall take the form of recommendations to Council. Copies of all minutes of regular and special meetings of the Fire Committee are to be submitted promptly to the Council, Fire Department and Committee members.

9) By the 30th of March in each year the Fire Committee shall submit in writing to Council, a draft budget for the operation of the Department for that year.

10) The Fire Committee shall be responsible for all agreements related to the Fire Department, its budget and a five (5) year capital forecast.

11) Any amount not to exceed $5,000.00 must be approved by the Committee in an emergency situation without the approval of Council.

12) All purchases must be pre-approved by the Fire Chief.

13) It shall be the responsibility of the Fire Committee for the preparation of draft by-laws, the formulating of policies for, and relating to the administration of the Fire Department and of the Fire Committee.

14) The Fire Committee shall provide adequate facilities and equipment for the operation of the Department, consistent with the approved budget.

15) The Fire Chief or designate is required to report to the Fire Committee. The Fire Committee will report to Council. The Fire Chief is required to attend Council meetings when requested.

16) The Fire Committee may formulate policies for and relating to the administration and operation of the Department unless otherwise prohibited by any applicable statute or regulation.

17) Fire-fighter local issues should first by directed through the Department utilizing the “chain of command”. If not resolved then to the Fire Committee.

18) That By-Law No. 1195 to establish a Fire Committee is hereby repealed.