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Councillor Tom Butler:
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Councillor Linda Andersen:
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Councillor Liz Smith:
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Councillor Tom Marchant:
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Did you know that the Municipality issues certificates in recognition of birthday, anniversaries or notable achievements?
Requests for certificates may be faxed to (705) 724-5385, e-mailed to or mailed to; The Township of Nipissing, 45 Beatty Street, Nipissing, ON P0H 1W0. We will require the following information:
-the name of the requester and contact information;
-the full name(s) and address of the recipient(s);
-the address where the certificate is to be mailed (or if you would like to pick it up in person);
-the details of the occasion or achievements being celebrated and the date of the birthday or anniversary;
-the date when the certificate is required.
Requests for certificates should be sent to the Township of Nipissing at least two weeks prior to the date required. If you are e-mailing your request, please write “Congratulatory Certificate” in the subject area of your message to assist in processing.