Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A regular meeting of the Township of Nipissing Council was held on Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

Present: Mayor Wendy Prieur and Councillors Kalvin Young, Leslee Lawrence Straus, Pat Haufe and Dougal Culham.

Staff and visitors present: Ed Sheffield, Russ Charlton, Rick Dionne, Sharon Dionne, Elaine Dolinar, Don Dolinar, Kevin Martin, Will Bateman, Charles Barton and Kris Croskery.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest: None.

Staff reports:
Kevin Martin, Acting Fire Chief: verbal report.
Will Bateman, Fire Prevention Officer: verbal report.
Charles Barton, CAO-Clerk: verbal report.
Kris Croskery, Treasurer-Deputy Clerk: verbal report.

Committee Reports:
Kalvin Young – none.
Leslee Lawrence Straus – none.
Pat Haufe – Fire Action Plan Committee.
Dougal Culham – none.
Wendy Prieur – Parry Sound District of Social Services Board.

R2009-290 L. Lawrence Straus, K. Young: That the minutes of October 6, 2009 be adopted as published. Carried.

R2009-291 D. Culham, P. Haufe: That we pass By-Law No. 2009-66, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held on October 6, 2009. Read the first, second and third time and passed this 20th day of October, 2009. Carried.

R2009-292 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus:
That we pass By-Law #2009-67, being a by-law to approve the Operating Guideline for Dispatch procedures for the Nipissing Fire Department. Carried.

R2009-293 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus:
That we pass By-law No. 2009-68 being a by-law with respect to the Original Shore Road Allowance in Lot 10, Concession 18, Nipissing, designated as Parts 1 and 2 on Plan 42R18878 and the Municipal Trespass road in Lot 10 Concession 18, Nipissing designated as Part 3 on Plan 42R-18878. (Sheffield)
Read a first, second and third time and passed this 20th day of October, 2009. Carried.

R2009-294 P. Haufe, D. Culham:
That we pass By-law Number 2009-69 being a by-law to enter into a Contribution Agreement for the Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Program.
Read a first, second and third time and passed this 20th day of October, 2009. Carried.

R2009-295 L. Lawrence Straus, K. Young
That we support an Application to Industry Canada and Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, by Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation and Net Spectrum.

WHEREAS Industry Canada and the OMAFRA are receiving Requests for Proposals to award funding to community champions such as Blue Sky Net for Broadband Implementation, and

WHEREAS, Blue Sky Net is a non-profit Corporation whose mandate is to facilitate the building of High Speed networks in communities that are not currently served by Broadband, and

WHEREAS, Spectrum Group through their telecommunications division, Net Spectrum, already has existing infrastructure in communities throughout the Blue Sky Region service area, and

WHEREAS, the Township of Nipissing still has areas within the municipality that still require Broadband Service,

NOW, therefore the Council of the Township of Nipissing, supports, in principle, the application to Industry Canada and the OMAFRA for funding of the partnership of Blue Sky Net and Net Spectrum, to facilitate the implementation of Broadband in our community. Such an application would be of great benefit to all citizens in our region.

R2009-296 L. Lawrence Straus, K. Young:
That we allow the owner of property described as Lot 2 on Plan 42M-559, Rick Dionne, to perform the following works on the shore road allowance described as Part 1 on Plan 42R187929 in front of his property;
1) To erect a 30’ by 40’ boathouse attached to the subject shore road allowance.
2) All construction must conform to the Township of Nipissing zoning By-law 980 as amended.
3) All applicable permits must be obtained.

R2009-297 D. Culham, P. Haufe:
That this part of our meeting will be closed to the public as authorized by Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, c. 25, for consideration of the following subject matter:
b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees;
Time: 7:20 p.m.

R2009-298 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus: That we resume to an open public meeting. Time: 8:00 p.m. Carried.

R2009-299 D. Culham, P. Haufe: That we accept the correspondence as presented. Carried.

R2009-300 L. Lawrence Straus, K. Young: That the statement of accounts dated October 20, 2009 be approved. $115,915.41.

R2009-301 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus:
WHEREAS community social service workers are vital to the quality of life within all Canadian communities; and

WHEREAS community social service workers provide crucial services to families and children; people with disabilities; respite care; people and families dealing with substance abuse; women and their children in transition houses or sexual assault centres; Aboriginal Peoples; as well as services to new Canadians; and

WHEREAS the quality of these services depends largely on the dedication of trained workers who provide these services; and

WHEREAS the availability of these services helps improve the quality of life for everyone, while making our communities stronger and more stable; and

WHEREAS greater recognition and understanding of the critical role these workers play in our communities are needed to ensure the continued availability and improvement of services; and

WHEREAS awareness and support for these services begin at the local level;

NOW THEREFORE be it resolved that this council proclaims November 6 as Community Social Service Workers Appreciation Day.

R2009-302 P. Haufe, D. Culham:
That we cancel the December 1st and 15th Council meetings and reschedule a meeting for December 8, 2009. Carried.

R2009-303 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus: That the meeting be adjourned. Time: 8:35 p.m. Next meeting November 17, 2009. Carried.



Minutes prepared as per Section 228 (1) (a) of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c. 25. Clerk to record, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the council.