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2017-03 Fireworks Bylaw


Considerable changes to the Fire Permit system have been developed and will be in effect as of April 1, 2017.

Fire Permits for Open Air Burning and Fireworks will now be issued on an annual basis.

All Fire Permits for open air burning and fireworks will be issued by the Township Office.

The Fire Permit process will be available on-line, by mail, by fax or in person.
Annual Fire Permits for Open Air Burning must be renewed by April 1st of each year.

Rationale for the changes:

• As per the Open Air Burning By-Law and Fireworks By-Law, only REGISTERED LAND OWNERS are authorized to be issued fire permits.
• Issuing the permits through the Township Office allows for confirmation of registered owner status at the time of issue.
• Annual permits allow for a more comprehensive data-base of those with permits issued creating a more effective monitoring system for the Fire Department, notification of burning restrictions in a timely manner and a method of communication with permit-holders on time-sensitive information.
• Annual permits will ease the administrative burden and provide a more efficient, accessible permit process for land owners.
• April 1st is the beginning of the burning season whereas day time burning is restricted. March 31st is also the Interim Tax Billing Due Date and the deadline for Dog Tag renewal. Having all items due at the same time of year will provide a more efficient process for land owners.

Copies of the Open Air Burning By-Law and Fireworks By-Law are available on the Township website on the Fire Department page or may be obtained from the Township Office by email, fax or in person.

An Open Air Burning Fire Permit is not required for campfires used for personal warmth or cooking. These fires are limited to a size of 1 metre (width) x 1 metre (length) x 1 metre (height – fuel and flame combined). Day time burning restrictions within the Burning Season (April 1 to October 31) apply to campfires. For permitted times of burning and other pertinent information on location, safety and requirements please refer to a copy of the Open Air Burning By-Law, contact the Township of Nipissing Fire Department or the Township Office.

A permit is required to discharge fireworks.
Flying Lanterns are not permitted in the Township of Nipissing. These items are unpredictable and have the ability to land in highly flammable areas with reduced access providing an imminent danger to those in the area.
Definition: Flying lanterns, or any devices that rely on an open flame or any burning fuel source, to heat the air inside the lantern and then release the device into the air, are prohibited.

Annual Fireworks permits for Registered Landowners will allow the Fire Department to keep an effective record of those discharging fireworks in the Township and provide an enforcement tool for complaints.

For further information on these by-laws please contact the Fire Department at
705-752-2772 or the Township Office at 705-724-2144,