May 17, 2019

In response to current flood warnings on Lake Nipissing, the Township of Nipissing will provide 50 sandbags to each property owner in need, for the fortification of their dwelling.

Sandbags will be available at the Township of Nipissing Office during regular Business hours and
at the landfill location open on the corresponding day over the weekends.

Sand for the sandbags will be placed at;

1. The Community Centre/Fitness Centre/Fire Station 1 located at 2381 Highway 654.
2. The corner of Birchgrove Dr and Sunset Cove Road (locally known as party rock).
3. Outside the sand dome at the Municipal garage located at 27 Beatty Street.

At the link below, the Canadian Armed Forces (specifically 2 Combat Engineer Regiment) have posted a quick video on how to build a proper sandbag wall.