Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Amended May 5, 2022
**START TIME 6:30 p.m.**

1. Disclosure of pecuniary interest.

2. Staff Reports.

3. Committee Reports.

4. Resolution: Adopt the minutes of the meeting held April 29, 2022.

5. By-Law: Zoning By-Law Amendment re 1945 Alsace Road; Part of Lot 19, Con 1 and Part of Lots 18 and 19, Con 2.

6. By-Law: Enter into a Next Generation 9-1-1 Authority Service Agreement.

7. Resolution: Donate to the Almaguin Highlands Secondary School Graduation Awards Program.

8. Resolution: Authorize a Statement of Concurrence for a Radio Communications Tower on Highway 522.

9. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-1, Quarried Granite Stockpile, A & B.

10. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-2, Winter Sand.

11. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-3, Quarried B to be Picked Up.

12. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-4, Quarried A to be Picked Up.

13. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-5, Quarried Granite Apply Birchgrove, Part 2.

14. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-6, Supply and Apply Crushed Quarry Granite.

15. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-7, Road Side Cutting Services.

16. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-9, Engineering Services for Roadway Bridge Inspections.

17. Resolution: Award Tender NIP-PW-2022-10, Surface Treatment and Reseal.

18. Resolution: Accept Transfer of Portion of Hazel Glen Road.

19. Review Proposed Trailer Licencing By-Law.

20. Correspondence.

21. Accounts to pay.

22. By-Law: Confirming Proceedings of Council.

23. Adjournment.

Council meetings will be held in person at 2381 Highway 654, Township of Nipissing Community Centre and virtually utilizing the Zoom platform; and will be livestreamed to the Township of Nipissing YouTube channel.