Integrity Commissioner

The Municipal Act, 2001 Section 223.3 (1) authorizes the Township of Nipissing to appoint an Integrity Commissioner who reports to Council and is responsible for performing in an independent manner, the application of a Code of Conduct, and the application of any procedure, rule, and policy of the municipality governing the ethical behavior of Members of Council. The Integrity Commissioner serves the public interest and is granted authority under the Act to educate, advise and investigate the conduct of Members of Council.
Code of Conduct for Members of Council By-Law 2023-28

The role of an Integrity Commissioner includes:

  • applying the municipal code of conduct for members of Council and certain local boards;
  • applying municipal procedures, rules, and policies governing the ethical behavior of members;
  • applying certain Municipal Conflict of Interest Act (MCIA) rules to members;
  • providing advice to members of Council and certain local boards respecting their obligations under:
    1. the municipal code of conduct applicable to the member;
    2. municipal procedures, rules or policies governing the ethical behavior of the members; and
    3. the MCIA;
  • providing educational information to the public, the municipality and members of Council and certain local boards about the municipal code of conduct for members and about the MCIA; and
  • conducting inquiries in respect of any requests alleging contravention of the code of conduct and/or any other procedures, rule or policy governing the ethical behaviour of members of Council and certain local boards.

The Integrity Commissioner reports directly to Council.


Under the Code, the Integrity Commissioner has authority to determine whether or not they will investigate any complaints received. Complaints about matters that are outside their jurisdiction, are frivolous, not made in good faith, or that the Integrity Commissioner determines has no grounds or insufficient grounds for conducting an investigation, may be dismissed.  

On conclusion of a complaint investigation the Integrity Commissioner will issue a report to Council on their findings, which will contain any recommended penalties if applicable. At a public meeting Council will, where the Integrity Commissioner has determined there was a violation of the Code:

  • issue a reprimand; or 
  • impose a suspension of remuneration paid to the Member for up to ninety (90) days. 

It is up to the municipality to decide how to proceed after an Integrity Commissioner’s report.

Contacting the Integrity Commissioner:

Harold G. Elston
Township of Nipissing
One First Street, Suite 224
Collingwood, ON L9Y 1A1
Phone: 705-445-1200