Special Meeting Agenda – October 28, 2019

John-Paul Negrinotti/ October 22, 2019

***AGENDA *** Monday, October 28, 2019 START TIME 9:00 a.m. Special Meeting 1. Disclosure of pecuniary interest 2. Resolution to authorize Hydro One customer service contract. 3. Accounts to pay. 4. By-Law: Confirming Proceedings of Council. 5. Adjournment. **Council meetings are held at the Township Office, 45 Beatty Street, Nipissing.

Want better Internet – Learn how at connectednorth.ca

John-Paul Negrinotti/ October 21, 2019

The Federal Government has set a target for 90% of Canadians to receive an Internet connection of 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps Up by 2021. There will soon be several funding opportunities to assist Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in upgrading their networks to deliver these services to Canadians who don’t currently have this level of access. We know that

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Ad-Hoc Landfill Committee – Tuesday, November 5, 2019

John-Paul Negrinotti/ October 21, 2019

Ad-Hoc Landfill Committee AGENDA Tuesday, November 5, 2019 Start Time: 6:00 p.m. Location: Council Chambers, 45 Beatty Street, Nipissing 1. Disclosure of pecuniary interest. 2. Appointment of Chairperson. 3. Discussion of Mandate of Committee. 4. Goal Setting Exercise. 5. Schedule Next Meeting. 6. Adjourn.

Ad Hoc Landfill Committee Members

John-Paul Negrinotti/ October 8, 2019

AD HOC LANDFILL COMMITTEE MEMBERS Council is seeking members to sit on the Ad Hoc Landfill Committee. This Committee will review current recycling practices and the waste/recycling public education programs in place. If you are interested in joining this Committee, please contact the Township Office at 705-724-2144 or by email at admin@nipissingtownship.com.

New Navigational Aid at Wades Landing

John-Paul Negrinotti/ July 30, 2019

NEW Navigational Aid at Wades Landing A new navigational aid has been placed at Wades Landing. The new light is a combination of red, white and green sectors in a luminous beam used to provide a leading line to mariners. When proceeding upstream, the red sector indicates the starboard hand limit, the white sector indicates the recommended course, and the

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