Planning Applications and Permits

You need to submit Planning Act applications to the Township of Nipissing if you’d like to propose a new development. This includes:

  • Plan of Subdivision
  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By-law Amendment
  • Site Plan Control
  • Consent/Severance
  • Minor Variances

Book a pre-consultation meeting

Prior to submitting a Planning Act application, we recommend that you book a pre-consultation with the Land Planning Administrator, When scheduling a pre-consultation meeting, please submit a site plan of the overall proposed development and any other details you may have that can assist staff with understanding the proposal. We can review your application and make sure that you have all necessary documents and approvals before you submit.

Minor Variance applications

A Minor Variance application provides specific relief from the Township’s  Zoning By-Law if the Committee of Adjustment agrees that the request is minor. Minor Variances must maintain the general intent of the Zoning By-Law and Official Plan. 

Please contact us for a copy of the application. We’re happy to provide you with the application form and submission instructions.

Fees: There is an administration fee, non-refundable of $500.00 and a refundable deposit of $1,500.00 (plus actual costs as required) to submit a minor variance application. We accept payment in cash, debit, or cheque. Please make cheques payable to Township of Nipissing.

Application Details:
Please ensure you have the following information as part of your application:

  • sketch or site plan
  • photographs of the existing buildings on the property as digital files
  • elevation drawing and floor plan clearly showing the existing structure and/or proposed addition or structure, if applicable
  • copies of any correspondence, approvals or permits from outside agencies

Consent/severance applications

If you’d like to apply for a land severance or consent, such as the creation of a new lot, addition to an existing lot or the granting of right-of-way, you’ll need approval from the Committee of Adjustment.

Please contact us for a copy of the application. We’re happy to provide you with the application form and submission instructions.

Consent Application Processing Procedure

Official Plan:

Nipissing Official Plan in Effect As of April 11, 2018

Appendix A – Source Protection Features
Appendix B – Wildland Fire

Schedule A: Land Use
Schedule B – Natural Heritage, Other Features & Natural Resources

Official Plan Amendment No. 1 

Committee of Adjustment:

Application: Minor Variance

Application: Consent

Consent Procedure

Road Closing Application:

Application and Instructions

Zoning By-Law:

Zoning By-law No. 2020-20 – PASSED December 1, 2020

Amendments to Zoning By-Law 2020-20, as amended:

5.13 Special Zone No. 13 (678 Sunset Cove Road)
5.14 Special Zone No.14 (3850 Highway 654) 
5.14 Special Zone No.15 (3758 Alsace Road)
Removal of a Holding (H) Symbol (3292 Highway 534)
By-Law No. 2022-26 (1945 Alsace Road)
By-Law No. 2022-23 Trailers, Motor Homes and Campers
By-Law No. 2022-41 (Con 10 PT Broken: Lot 29, Duncan Lake) 
Removal of Holding (H) Symbol (2675 Highway 654)
5.16 Special Zone No. 16 (Lake Nipissing Road) 
By-Law 2022-57 (165 Muskeg Road)
By-Law 2023-22 and Removal a Holding (H) Symbol (3568 Highway 534)
By-Law 2024-05 (118 Chapman’s Landing Road)