September 12, 2023

Information regarding Highway 534 construction and maintenance received from MPP Fedeli’s office:

Hi Mayor Piper,

Thanks for calling today, as always it was a pleasure speaking with you.

As discussed, we are happy to share the clarification provided to us from the MTO regarding the condition of Hwy 534 at the Hwy 654 junction to Restoule. This clarification is also shared with the constituents who reach out to us with their concerns.

The highway 534 resurfacing work was done in August. This work included a double surface treatment for the portion of Highway 534. Surface treatment is the application of an asphalt emulsion, typically placed on a fresh, compacted granular surface, immediately followed by the application of a cover aggregate. Surface treatment is often chosen for roadways with low traffic volume due to economic considerations.

The Ministry of Transportation takes concerns seriously and are committed to addressing them. The area of Highway 534 near Barton Lake requires subsurface mitigation works to address distresses and will be included in the upcoming yearly program, once funding permits. Ministry staff are actively collaborating with the contractor responsible for the recent construction work on Highway 534 to address concerns. We are working diligently to ensure that the necessary corrective actions are taken to improve the road conditions.

For any further questions, constituents are welcome to contact Travis Millen, Head, Operational Services at travis.millen@ontario.ca.

If an individual’s vehicle sustains damage, they can submit detailed information in writing for consideration and investigation by the province online at http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/vehicles/submit-a-claim.shtml or via mail at the following address:

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
Ontario Shared Services
Risk Management and Insurance Services Branch
222 Jarvis St. 7th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 0B6
Phone (416) 314-3445; Fax (416) 314-3444
Submitting a claim for damage does not imply that an individual will necessarily receive compensation, but the claim will be thoroughly reviewed, and a response will be provided.
Kind regards,
Diane Deagle
Constituency Assistant
MPP Vic Fedeli – Nipissing
Tel (705) 474-8340
Fax (705) 474-9747
219 Main Street East
North Bay, ON P1B 1B2