Township of Nipissing

Policy and Procedure for Proof of Vaccination in municipal facilities:

Effective September 22, 2021, the Province of Ontario put into effect legislation requiring proof of vaccination for certain facilities.

Settings where you must show your vaccine receipt and identification include:

• indoor areas of meeting and event spaces, including conference and convention centres

• indoor areas of facilities used for sports and recreational fitness activities, including waterparks and personal fitness training

The purpose of this policy is to outline the Township’s procedures upholding the new requirements.

Legislative Framework:
This policy is aligned with Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020
This policy is applied in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act and any other applicable legislation.

Information collected under this policy and procedure is in compliance with relevant legislation including but not limited to the Personal Health Information Protection Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

As the pandemic evolves, and/or legislation or public health guidance changes, the purpose and requirements outlined in this policy may change.


Access to the Fitness Centre located at 2381 Highway 654, in the Township of Nipissing Community Centre will be limited to those members in good standing where proof of vaccination has been provided to the Township Office.
Members wishing to suspend a paid membership or have a refund of remaining membership may make a request at the Township Office and a refund payment will be prepared (where requested) at the next available Council meeting.

Access to the Township Office located at 45 Beatty Street, for meeting appointments regarding everything EXCEPT the sole purpose of payment of taxes or a municipal invoice; picking up or dropping off a document or items previously arranged; shall be required to provide proof of vaccination or the results of a negative COVID-19 test from within 72 hours of the appointment. All visitors with meeting appointments will be required to complete the COVID-19 screening protocol prior to admission.
Persons wishing to speak to a Township Staff member which requires a meeting and may not meet the vaccination proof or negative testing requirements, may request alternate arrangements for an outdoor or electronic meeting. These requests will be granted as quickly as practicable.

The Township of Nipissing shall not retain copies of vaccination information in any form for any reason.

The following is the accepted procedure for providing Proof of Vaccination:

What you’ll need to show
To enter the business or organization, you must provide:
• proof of identity that shows your name and date of birth
• proof of vaccination (your vaccine receipt, demonstrating you are fully vaccinated and the final dose was taken at least 14 days ago)
You can provide either a paper or digital copy of your vaccination receipt that includes your:
• name
• date of vaccination
• brand of vaccine at the time of vaccination
You can use the receipt you were given at your second dose.
You cannot alter the appearance of your receipt in any way.
How to prove your identity
You must prove your identity by showing identification that includes both your name and date of birth.
A photo identification is not required.
To confirm your identity, you may use your:
• birth certificate
• driver’s licence
• government (Ontario or other) issued identification card
• passport
• citizenship card
• permanent resident (PR) card
• Indian Status Card or Indigenous Membership Card

Approved by Resolution Number R2021-217
October 5, 2021