Nipissing Township Museum
Board Meeting Minutes
June 22, 2021
1 p.m., Nipissing Museum Gazebo
COVID Precautions in place
Present: Liz Moore, Gladys Bateman, Mary Heaseman, Gillian Bernas, Brenda Lennon
Unable to attend: Kerri Boettger
1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Liz Moore at 1:05 p.m.
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: There were no declarations of pecuniary interest.
3. Acceptance of Agenda: The agenda was accepted as presented by Gladys Bateman and seconded by Mary Heaseman.
4. Acceptance of Previous Minutes: The minutes of the June 29, 2020 Zoom meeting were accepted as presented by Brenda Lennon and seconded by Gladys Bateman.
5. Manager’s Report: Update
A number of donations made by the Moore family have been catalogued. The Philco radio will be decommissioned and taken to value village. Church exhibit texts have been developed and/or updated and number assignment to the church and hardware artifacts is ongoing. The staff guidebook has been updated. Sales are being tracked on an Excel spreadsheet, so we have ongoing data on the products we are selling. Memories from locals from 1960s, 70s are to be collected with porch chats. Nipissing Township Pioneers on facebook by Richard Drinkwater has lots of stories and can be a source of these memories. Gillian will advertise the opening of the Candy Store tomorrow on Facebook and Instagram. COVID precautions that will be implemented: only 2 people in the store at once, 1 staff, 1 customer; plexiglass installed and hand sanitizer in place; picnic table covers will be sanitized after each visit; stickers for no vaping and no smoking supplied by the fire department; only 4 people at a table; names and phone numbers will be taken for contact tracing. The debit machine is working, and candy is priced and displayed.
6. Business Arising:
i. Update 2020/2021 – No provincial grant money was received, but the federal grant was received and the $1700. is being used to hire 2 summer students. Our Ontario historical society membership has been renewed. A $100.00 donation from Mrs. Asselstine has been received. The budget this year includes the cost of painting of the new gazebo and steps.
ii. Store Update – See Gillian’s report. $800.00 in candy has been ordered to date.
iii. Staffing/Students – Chris Johnston has submitted a letter of intent to become a Museum Board member. Two summer high school students have been hired, Josilyn Stewart and Anna Green.
iv. Phase 3 Reopening Planning – Gillian will have the Museum ready to open in case the July 24th phase 3 date is pushed forward.
v. Other Business – If Phase 3 opening is delayed an outdoor historical tour will be developed. Another councillor will be appointed to the Museum Board at the next Town Council meeting. The community centre cleaning staff will be picking up the museum garbage and doing the museum laundry.
7. New Business: None
8. Next Meeting: The next meeting will take place at the Museum on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 6 p.m.
9. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m. by Liz Moore.