Nipissing Township Museum
Board Meeting Agenda
October 6, 2021
7 p.m., Nipissing Museum
COVID Precautions in place
1. Call to Order
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest
3. Acceptance of Agenda
4. Acceptance of Previous Minutes
5. Standing Agenda Items
I. Finance: Final Revenue
i. Final Revenue
ii. Budget Update – Clothing, In Kind Donations
II. Visitors:
i. Final Numbers
III. Donations:
IV. Collections Updates:
i. Jane Russell (Moore Family)
ii. Archival Documents
iii. Backlog
iv. Volunteers
V. Proposals:
i. Candy
ii. Maintenance
iii. Marketing and Media
iv. Events & Gazebo Rentals
v. Exhibits & Programming
vi. Office/Supplies/Storage
6. Business Arising
I. Operations Manual:
II. School Programs:
III. Clothing Order:
IV. Candy Floss Machine:
V. Candy Order 2022:
VI. Drive In Movie:
VII. Planning for 2022:
7. New Business:
i. Gazebo Rentals
8. Next Meeting
9. Adjournment