Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee Meeting
2381 Hwy 654 Nipissing Community Centre & Zoom Platform

Date: Apr 4, 2022
Start Time: 7:00
Present: James Scott, Shelly Foote, Shawn Hughes, Steph Duchesne, Kathy Shaw, Will Bateman
Zoom: Chris Johnson, Liz Moore
Regrets: Ron Phillips, Andrew Barry
Absent: Kerry Kloiber
Meeting Called to Order James Scott
1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None
2. Acceptance of Agenda: Shawn Hughes, Steph Duchesne
3. Acceptance of Previous Minutes: Steph Duchesne, Kathy Shaw All in Favour
4. Business Items from Previous Meeting:
5. Business Items from previous meeting
I. Paint Night
 Restoule is organizing a pain night in April
 Discussion around revisiting it in the fall – evening instead of afternoon event
II. Easter Event/ Scavenger Hunt
 Steph to take care of Cookie and Egg Decorating items
 Should we be short of volunteers we would combine the 2 tables
 If it rains we will move inside to the rink shack
 Small tent available 10 x 10 if needed
 Some of the older kids will be coming to help—we will advertise on the Facebook page for 2-3 more volunteers
 Shelly to pick up juice boxes and skipping ropes and bubbles for each bag
 Shelly will cut out bunny ears for each bag
 Budget set at $200.00 for bags
III. Kids Soccer Discussion
 Current count 117 kids with registration ending May 18
 One field to be cut in ½ for younger age range – 2 sets of nets to be purchased (smaller)
 Other nets to be purchased by Township staff along with Size 4 & 5 Balls for the weekly games
 15 – 20 balls needed for each game to warm up with 2 kids per ball
 Volunteer Training session booked for May 26th 6 pm at the community center
 T-Shirt will be handed out May 24-27 from Township office – May 29th 2 hours at the rink shack
 3 colors of shirts a different color for each age group and pinnies will go over each T-Shirt to help differentiate teams
6. New Businesss
I. Play Ground Update & Discussion
 Question – Where do people park? Trees at Lake St. – looking at angle parking at back side.
 Question — Washroom facilities open? No
 Playground 8 x 150 James will mark it out prior to next meeting so the committee can walk the proposed location.
 Playground to be erected by June 17
II. Fitness Centre Shoe Cubby
 Concerns around the number of shoes never opened after COVID sealing – 75% not opened yet
 Lost and found box to be set up for members to retrieve their shoes
 Is it possible to send a letter advising members of what is needed or about the box.
III. Movie Night
 New date needs to be determined and thought back to the next meeting
 New Movie list is available.
 Date will be determined hoping to make it not too late for the younger children and dark early enough.
 Possible dates – August long weekend or Mid-August
 Callander Sirens in the Park usually scheduled for Aug
IV. May Yard Sale / Trunk Sale
 Long weekend doesn’t work
 James & Shelly unavailable to help Aug Long weekend – Powassan has theirs that weekend
 Does June 4th Work? Aug 20th would match up with Commanda
 Volunteers will be needed
 Having it at the park 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 walkways
 Advertising needs to start after Easter weekend
 James to get in touch with Ron to see co-ordinate with Commanda

7. Bottle Drive
 1150.15 collected to date
 James suggests picture to show people that donate where the money is being used or spent

8. Next Meeting May 2 Possibly at Park

9. Adjournment Kathy Shaw Steph Duchesne