Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee Meeting

Date: Aug 8, 2022
Start Time: 7:01
Present: James Scott, Shelly Foote, Shawn Hughes, Kathy Shaw, Liz Moore, Andrew Barry, Ron Phillips
Regrets: Chris Johnson, Steph Duchesne
1. Meeting Called to Order James Scott
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None
3. Acceptance of Agenda: Liz Moore, Shawn Hughes
4. Acceptance of Previous Minutes: Andrew Barry & Shawn Hughes
5. Business Items from Previous Meeting:
I. Trunk Sales (Sept 10, 2022)
 Currently 3 Vendors Registered
 Vendors can amalgamate with the Museum if not enough registered
 Deadline to register Sept 2, 2022

II. Spaghetti Dinner/ Movie Night
 Food is finalized Mill Bay donated meatballs, Roger (Wonder Bread) donated buns for garlic bread, La Piazza donated ingredients for sauce.
 Volunteers settled for kitchen & Front of House
 Kitchen – Randy, Denise, Chris Front – Shelly, Shelly, Calista, Steph, James, Cathy (granddaughter if needed)
 KLX Hair Salon donated glow stick for the kids for the movie
 Gillian will be there with Candy Floss if cover comes in for the machine
 Powassan Home Hardware Popcorn
 Movie set to go at 8:30 weather permitting and dusk

III. Grant Application
 Unfortunately unable to apply for grant due to costs for rink improvements
 Slab base for rink – approx. $206,000.00 — $99,000 for rink boards.
 Future planning and reserve funds needed.

6. New Business (Ideas)
I. Halloween
 Suggestion – Set up Station 1 & 2 to allow visits from the kids – stop by and interact with the fire fighters and trucks – enjoy receiving candy
 No Pre-Registration

II. Christmas Run 20022
 Discussions & ideas needed for any changes
 Community Supper – See above for details
 Adult Line Dancing (2023 – Shawn to get information – put out on survey to residents)
 Fund Raising – playground places to sit (sponsors or donate) – Reach out to community Businesses

III. Bottle Drive
• Will has reached out to Ecotrax to get pricing for drums (Blue)
• Goal is to pick up more often and fill up when full for sorting.
• Kathy has offered to help sorting on next run

7. Next Meeting Sept 12.2022 7:00 pm
8. Adjournment Shawn Hughes, Kathy Shaw