Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee

August 9, 2021
Start Time 6:30 at the Nipissing Community Centre
COVID Precautions in place
Present: Andrew Barry, Chris Johnston, Ron Phillips, Liz Smith, James Scott, Kathy Shaw, Shawn Hughes, Will Bateman (Staff)

Regrets: Kerry Kloiber

1. Meeting called to order-6:43
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest- None
3. Acceptance of Agenda- Smith & Johnston
4. Acceptance of Previous Minutes- Correction to Fitness Centre opening didn’t open July 16th it was able to open but equipment needs to be inspected, thank you to Chris Johnson. – Shaw & Barry
5. Business items from Previous Meeting
I. Movie in the park- Sept 25th 8:30 start time, Heritage Park 14 Blake St., Movie will be picked at a later date
II. Bat boxes- Pay to high at this time, look into it again in 2020
III. Recreation Committee By-Law Review- Would like to go from 6 to 4 members for a minimum. Bateman will be being it forward for change. Moore & Barry
IV. Automatic lights for Fitness Centre- Going to monitor to see if it feasible to install automatic lights, Bateman is getting a price to install an automatic switch in the hallway coming into to building.

V. Annual inspection on Fitness Centre Equipment- Akfit will be coming in Aug 11th to inspect the equipment for re-opening
VI. Community Centre Re-opening- Start advertising to be rented
VII. New Treadmill- Coming with Akfit on Wednesday Aug 11th
VIII. Fitness Centre open 24 Hours, closed from 8:00PM-10:00PM for cleaning- Hoping to open Aug 13th if everything goes well, Bateman to look into seeing how often the Centre is used between 8-10.
6. New Business
I. Application submitted for playground equipment has been approved for phase 2. Playground to be located at Heritage Park, 14 Blake Street.
II. Monthly events dates could change
i. Sept- Movie night 25th
ii. Oct- Halloween 31st
iii. Nov- Paint night 26/27th
iv. Dec- Christmas Run 18th
v. Jan- Euchre Tournament
vi. Feb- Spaghetti dinner, Family skate, fire, fireworks 18th
Event will be kept up to date on the website, Facebook
7. Bottle drive update- Bateman & Barry will be picking empty this week and returning them.
8. Next Meeting- Sometime in Sept.
9. Adjournment- Phillips & Barry 8:08