Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee Meeting
2381 Hwy 654 Nipissing Community Centre & Zoom Platform

Date: Feb 7, 2022
Start Time: 7:00
Present: Shawn Hughes, Kathy Shaw, Steph Duchesne, Shelly Foote, Will Bateman (Staff) & on Zoom Chris Johnson, Liz Moore
Regrets: Andrew Barry
Absent: Ron Phillips, Kerry Kloiber
1. Meeting Called to Order: Chair J. Scott
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None
3. Acceptance of Agenda: S. Hughes, C. Johnson No Concerns
4. Acceptance of Previous Minutes: L. Moore, S. Duchesne All in Favour
5. Business Items from Previous Meeting:
I. Feb 19th Family Fun Skate
 Firewood to be provided by J. Scoot 2 Fire Pits S. Hughes
 Hot choc, cups water to be provided by L. Moore — needs 2 urns, extension cord & table to be provided by W. Bateman & set up Urns have already been tested by will & are working properly – table to be set up outside one of the windows to avoid trip hazard and there is currently a garbage can available in the rink shack.
 Music is ready to go – George Winters arranged by Shelly & Tom Foote
 Fireworks ready to go – shoot starts at 8:30 pm
 Flyers have been circulated to the schools & more going out.
II. March 19 Paint Night
 Suggested afternoon session between 1 & 3 – agreed upon – children allowed.
 Chairs & tables to be provided by the center – community center capacity 50 indoor by that date (March 14th)
 Virtual class was decided against and cost will be $45 per person all supplies provided – minimum 8 required
III. April 16th Easter Egg Hunt
 Held at the park
 Planning to begin 1st week of march – S. Duchesne to head it up – S. Foote & K. Shaw will help
 April to source Items & Bags etc.
IV. Budget Items
 Bathrooms & Change rooms at the beaches — budget for next year?
 Sign in the park replacement – can it go on the building (to be looked at) all signs moving forward will be standardized to match
 Gym Equipment – Stair climber suggested – possibly replace 1 treadmill – should we send a questionnaire to membership to ask for input? – R. Lockhart (Maintenance) & W. Bateman to check all equipment before Friday to ensure working order.
 Dishwasher in Community Center – contact company to get cost vs repair vs replacement information — it seems to work currently
6. New Business
I. Play Equipment – RFP to be reviewed – another meeting sent – will look for people with experience to work through this
II. Recreation Questionnaire – asking committee members – STRAT Plan for the next 10 years – to be talked about at the next meeting – results from questionnaire
Separate questionnaire going out to the museum
Concerns around washrooms not being open for the last 2 years — are they structurally sound?
III. Soccer Program – Powassan, Restoule, Commanda to draw from for kids.
3 age groups 4-6 7-9 10 – 12
Needed materials – Jersey’s (different colored t shirts from Michaels possibly) approx. 5.00 each, nets, balls,
Minimum 2 volunteers per night Coaches
Tentative costs $40 per child for the season

7. Bottle Drive
Last pick up $442.35; total to be sent out future forward
Possible funding for soccer program and other programs.

8. Next Meeting March 7th 7:00 pm
9. Adjournment K. Shaw, S. Hughes

Chair Person: J. Scott

Secretary: S.Foote