Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee Meeting
14 Blake St. Heritage Park – Livestream Township YouTube Channel

Date: June 6, 2022
Start Time: 7:00
Present: James Scott, Shelly Foote, Shawn Hughes, Steph Duchesne, Kathy Shaw
Chris Johnson, Liz Moore, Andrew Barry
1. Meeting Called to Order James Scott
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None
3. Acceptance of Agenda: Andrew Barry, Liz Moore
4. Acceptance of Previous Minutes: Liz Moore, Andrew Barry All in Favour
5. Business Items from Previous Meeting:

I. Kids Soccer Discussion
 James recognized the organization and first night
 Steph would like to purchase thank you gifts for the volunteers – Bag Chips “Your all that and a bag of chips” — Rec committee will cover the cost
 End of Year Ideas — participation medals (washers decorated to look like soccer balls), Liz suggested putting up a poster looking for volunteers at museum & school – James & Will have stamp sets available to hep – Andrew offered assistance – Foam Party (Steph), Inflatables (Andrew is working on it), BBQ to include Hot Dogs & possibly hamburgers, drinks (Will Bateman to reach out to Health Unit to get paperwork completed), Cotton Candy machine from Museum, Picture Standees for parents to take pictures – Looking to source Soccer Ball Cookies (200)
 Parents were very engaged, parking went well and will get easier with time as parents get accustomed to the expectations
 Next year more structure with registration suggested by Andrew & moving start time to 6:30 as 6:00 is a challenge for parents.

II. Trunk Sale
 Tentative Date Sept 10th in the park
 Charge $10 to register
 Booth to be set up for Food Donations (Fire Truck) – Bring empties and fill the Fire Truck – look for someone to do something fun to recognize achieving goal.
 Will Bateman to look after registrations

III. Canada Day
 No Grant this year but budget is still healthy for Fireworks
 Looking for entertainment (Band or DJ)
 Grand Opening of Playground at beginning of the event (4:30pm)
 Invitations have been sent out to local dignitaries for the event
 Cathy is looking to see if she may have bow & ribbon to donate
 Ideas – Dunk Tank, Water Balloon Fights, Soccer Balls, Frisbee, Prizes for who can kick the ball into a target, Volley Ball, Tug of War against the fire fighters, Big Dice
 Sub Committee formed for Event – Andrew & Steph – Shelly will help in anyway needed.
 Liz can help to find volunteers

IV. Heritage Day/ Movie Night (Aug 20)
 Theme – Show Casing the Dam
 Starts at 2 pm – BBQ 5 pm – Movie afterwards
 Tours – Gillian has started a heritage garden to highlight
 BBQ later in the day for supper asking for fire fighters help
 Movie – museum will stay open later to sell candy & drinks – not through entire movie
 Popcorn Machine has been secured
 Waiting for confirmation on movie availability (possible booking challenges)
 Is it possible to move event to coincide with movie availability?
 Cake will be looked after by the township & possible Candy Floss

6. New Business
I. News Letter Information
 July 2nd Canada Day & Fireworks 4 pm – dusk
 Trunk Sale
 Community Center/ Beaches open
 Donations & Pictures for Bottle Drive (what has been done with the donations)

11. Misc. Notes
James looking for help to repair shed at Wolfe Lake for empties – to be completed June 12th Noon – Andrew & Chris volunteered
Will Bateman has calls out to local radio stations to help highlight events in the township

II. Others Ideas
 Bingo (not possible due to lottery license — Silent Auction is the best options
 Penny Auction – Will Bateman to check on possibility
 Teen Dance – Best option Community Center – Jan/ Feb Mar thoughts – Volunteers & Chaperones will be needed – Steph Suggested glow in the dark theme
 Adult line dancing or other options on a Saturday Evening Suggested
 Fall Fest – Booked for Sept 10 – local crafters

7. Next Meeting July 4th 7 pm

8. Adjournment Kathy Shaw Shelly Foote