Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee
Meeting will take place at 14 Blake St. (Heritage Park)

Date: May 02.2022
Start Time: 7:00pm

1. Playground location site tour
2. Meeting called to order:
3. Playground update & discussion (Will Bateman)
4. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:
5. Acceptance of Agenda:
6. Acceptance of Previous Minutes:
7. Business items from Previous Meeting:
I. Easter Egg Hunt follow up (Steph Duchesne & Shelly Foote)
II. Kids Soccer discussion (Shelly Foote, Steph Duchesne & Will Bateman)
III. Trunk sale discussion (James Scott)
IV. Canada Day discussion
V. Movie Night discussion (Will Bateman)
8. New Business:
I. Cleaning fitness center (Will Bateman)
9. Next Meeting:
10. Adjournment:

Recreation Committee Meeting will be held in person at 14 Blake St. Heritage Park and will be livestreamed to the Township of Nipissing YouTube channel. Livestream will start after the site tour for playground location.