Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee Meeting
14 Blake St. Heritage Park – Livestream Township YouTube Channel

Date: May 02, 2022
Start Time: 7:00
Present: James Scott, Shelly Foote, Shawn Hughes, Steph Duchesne, Kathy Shaw
Chris Johnson, Liz Moore, Ron Phillips, Andrew Barry
Meeting Called to Order James Scott
1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: None
2. Acceptance of Agenda: Andrew Barry, Liz Moore
3. Acceptance of Previous Minutes: Steph Duchesne, Shelly Foote All in Favour
4. Business Items from Previous Meeting:
5. Business Items from previous meeting
I. Easter Egg / Scavenger Hunt Follow Up
 Many happy faces—parents enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt – Thank you Shelly for the Clues & help – Steph Duchesne, Kathy Shaw, Denise Scott & Shelly Foote for organizing
II. Kids Soccer Discussion
 All Parents have been contacted except 2 (Steph is working on following up) 165 Kids Registered – Only 3 families not on Facebook; alternate arrangements have been made with Steph to ensure they receive updates – all updates will be posted on the Fire Department Facebook Page
 Cleats & Shin guards have been suggested as a best practice but not required
 Parents have been informed that someone must be present throughout the event
 Volunteer night scheduled for May 26th Currently we have 8 coaches & 4 Refs
 A few volunteers were recruited from phone calls. Thank you Steph for all your hard work.
 Canteen items will be available (freezes, frozen yogurt tubes, water – everything .50 each
 Museum has volunteer shirts that are available.
 Year End Party on the agenda for next meeting –
 Soccer volunteers will be included in Volunteer Appreciation Event.
III. Trunk Sale
 Suggestions for date for sale needed
 Possibly looking at the same time Commanda has theirs or Heritage Day
IV. Canada Day (Tentative Date Saturday July 2nd)
 Will Bateman to enquire about applying for grant (or has it already been done)
 James to make enquiries for live entertainment for the next meeting
 Cake will be looked after by the township & possible Candy Floss
 Dignitaries need to be invited as soon as possible (we will reach out the township office)
 Playground grand opening celebrations that day to be discussed.

V. Movie Night Discussion
 Discussion about possible dates ensuring it is dusk early enough
 Movie titles will be discussed once date has been finalized
 3 Dates put forward Aug 20, Aug 26, Sept 9th Weekend
6. New Business
I. Cleaning Fitness Center
 Deferred for future meeting

II. Others Ideas
 To be sent forward to Will Bateman and added to next agenda

7. Next Meeting June 6th 7 pm

8. Adjournment Kathy Shaw Andrew Barry