Township of Nipissing Recreation Committee

Monday, September 13, 2021

Meeting was held at Station 1, 2381 Hwy 654
Present: Ron Phillips, Councillor James Scott, Kathy Shaw, Shawn Hughes, Andrew Barry, Councillor Liz Smith, Staff member Will Bateman
Regrets: Chris Johnson
Absents: Kerry Kloiber

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Disclosure of pecuniary interest. None

1. Motion: Adopt the Minutes of the August 9, 2021 meeting. Smith & Shaw

2. Finalize Movie Night planning. Lion King 2019, Museum will have a concession stand, cold drinks & hot chocolate, Popcorn provided by Powassan Home Hardware, Start time 8:00pm, donation to the food bank.

3. Project Planning for Recreation Funding Opportunity. The board discussed the project and given approval for staff to present the application to council.

4. Bottle Drive Update. First return was made from both landfill & the second return will have to take place soon.

5. Fitness Centre Lighting update. That this item will be deferred till next meeting.

1. Old business. -Paint night discussion, minimum of 8 participants, in person and online.
-Halloween planning will start in the next few days

6. Adjournment. Hughes & Barry 8:01 pm

Meeting was held at the Township of Nipissing Training Room, Fire Station #1, 2381 Highway 654.