Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A regular meeting of the Township of Nipissing Council was held on Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

Present: Mayor Wendy Prieur and Councillors Kalvin Young, Dougal Culham, Leslee Lawrence Straus and Pat Haufe.
Staff and visitors present: John-Paul Negrinotti, Dave Yemm, Charles Barton, Tom Piper, Gladys Bateman, Liz Smith, Linda Andersen and Kris Croskery.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Disclosure of pecuniary interest: None.

Staff Reports:
Dave Yemm, Operations Superintendent: Verbal and Written report.
Charles Barton, CAO-Clerk: Verbal report.
John-Paul Negrinotti: Verbal report.

Committee Reports:
Kalvin Young: Eastholme
Leslee Lawrence Straus: School Fire Prevention Program, Planning Conference, Museum Board.
Pat Haufe: Source Protection Authority.
Wendy D. Prieur: DSSAB, Mayors Actions Group.

R2010-240 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus: That the minutes of the meeting held September 14, 2010 be adopted as published. Carried.

R2010-241 D. Culham, P. Haufe: That we pass By-law 2009-74, being a by-law to stop up, close and sell part of the unused Municipal Road being part of Lot 10, Concession 18, Township of Nipissing, District of Parry Sound, designated as Part 3 on Plan 42R-18878. Sheffield.
Read the third time and passed this 28th day of September, 2010. Carried.

Minutes – September 28, 2010 – Page 2

R2010-242 L. Lawrence Straus, K. Young: WHEREAS, in the face of crime or conflict, restorative justice offers a philosophy and approach that views these matters principally as harm done to people and relationships; and

WHEREAS, restorative justice approaches strive to provide support and opportunities for the voluntary participation and communication between those affected by crime and conflict (victims, offenders, community) to encourage accountability, reparation and a movement towards understanding, feelings of satisfaction, healing and a sense of closure; and

WHEREAS, this year’s theme for Restorative Justice Week is “Reflexions Past, Present and Future”, it is an opportunity to learn about restorative justice, educate and celebrate along with other communities across the country during the week.

Therefore, we do hereby proclaim November 14 – November 21, 2010 as Restorative Justice Week in the Township of Nipissing. Carried.

R2010-243 P. Haufe, D. Culham:

1. that this Council does approve “in principle” the Application of George and Brigitte Popp to purchase the Shore Road Allowance in front of their property located in front of broken lot 10, Concession 19, Plan M-200, Lot 10, Township of Nipissing.

2. that this resolution is subject to the following conditions:

a) to comply with Provincial Policies, the Municipality will require an Environmental Impact Study for fish and habitat area to determine if there needs to be any landscaping or set-back requirements on the 66 foot Shore Road Allowance. This is prepared by an Independent Research Firm retained by the Municipality on behalf of the Applicant;

b) that the applicant will be responsible for all the payments in connection with the Application, including the purchase price of the land, Municipality’s administrative costs, legal accounts and Environmental Impact Study costs;

c) that in accordance with the Municipality’s policy, Notice of this Application and a copy of the draft plan, when received, will be mailed to the adjacent owners.

Minutes – September 28, 2010 – Page 3

R2010-244 K.Young, L. Lawrence Straus:

That we approve a proposed Consent Application for Vernon and Hilda Lamb to separate Lot 30, Conc 4 from Lot 30, Conc 3.

The lot must comply with the consent Policies of Section 5.2.2 and 5.2.3, in the Township of Nipissing=s Official Plan. Any travelled road situated on the subject property should be transferred to the municipality for road purposes.

R2010-245 D. Culham, P. Haufe: That we accept the correspondence as presented. Carried.

R2010-246 L. Lawrence Straus, K. Young: That the statement of accounts dated September 28, 2010 be approved. $ 84,580.83 Carried.

R2010-247 P. Haufe, D. Culham: That we pass By-Law No. 2010-73, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held on September 28, 2010.

Read the first, second and third time and passed this 28th day of September, 2010. Carried.

R2010-248 K. Young, L. Lawrence Straus: That the meeting be adjourned. Time: 7:16 p.m. Next regular meeting October 5th , 2010. Carried.



Minutes prepared as per Section 228 (1) (a) of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c. 25. Clerk to record, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the council.

Minutes to be approved by Council at the next regular Council Meeting.