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Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Township of Nipissing Fire Department is to provide a range of programs to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the Township of Nipissing from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature.

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Q: Do I need a burning permit for all open air burning?
A: “Yes”, the Ontario Fire Code states “open air burning shall not be permitted unless approved or unless such burning consists of a small, confined fire, supervised at all times, and used to cook food on a grill or barbeque”.

Q: Do I need a burning permit for a campfire?
A: “No”, providing it consists of a small, confined fire, supervised at all times, and used to cook food on a grill or barbeque.

Q: Can I burn during the day in the summer if I have a burning permit?
A: “No”, the Forest Fire Prevention Act states “no fires shall be permitted two hours after sunrise until two hours before sunset during the fire season”.

Q: When is the fire season?
A: The first day of April until the last day of October every year.

Q: I have an incinerator, can I burn in it without a permit?
A: Only if the burning appliance is an approved burning appliance. The Ontario Fire Code states “only burning appliances that conform with the Technical Standards Safety Act, for outdoor use and is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions”.

Q: Why do I need a burning permit in the winter?
A: Because it’s regulated under the Ontario Fire Code and states all open air burning shall be approved. By being issued a burning permit, you are obtaining approval.

Q: If there is still snow on the ground after April 1, can I burn during the day?
A: No, this is a Provincial Regulation under the Forest Fire Prevention Act. However, the Fire Chief can authorize a day burning permit if the burning site and materials meet the Fire Department’s satisfaction.

Q: Can I have a campfire during a fire ban if I get a burning permit?
A: No. All permits are considered to be cancelled and there is to be no open air burning during a fire ban.

Q: Do I need a burning permit for fireworks?
A: Yes. Fireworks are only permitted between dusk and 11:00 p.m.
Fireworks are not permitted during a fire ban.

Failure to comply with By-Law 2017-02, the Ontario Fire Code or the Forest Fire Prevention Act may result in a fine as well as the responsibility for the costs to extinguish a wildland fire.

For more information on Open Air Burning, Fire Safety Tips, Burning Conditions and Restrictions please visit our website at:; or by contacting the Fire Chief at 705-724-2144.

It is everyone’s responsibility to act responsibly to prevent wildfires.

Extreme Fire Caution

A wildland fire can be ignited by a cigarette thrown out of a car window that lands in the dry brush or grass on the side of the road. To prevent wildland fires, please discard cigarette butts in an ashtray or other device in your vehicle designed for that purpose.

Use the ashtray in your car, do not flick ashes or throw cigarette butts out the window.

If you spot a wildfire, call 911 to report location.

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